Solidor Composite Doors

Your front door is the heartbeat of your home and is often the first thing guests will see before entering, so make sure you give them that right first impression. Any one of our Solidor composite doors can transform your home whilst protecting what you love the most.


Solidor composite doors are made up of multiple layers, which is why they’re widely regarded as being among the toughest door solutions on the market. They’ve been vigorously tested and proven to be virtually impossible to break through.


Our outstanding range of industry-leading, solid composite doors consists of a combination of classical, modern and futuristic styles available in a large colour palette to match. Each door can be personalised with a full range of hardware and glass options that will provide a unique, high quality and secure entrance to any home.

Hardware Colours

The standard lever / lever handle is available in the 7 different finishes seen below.

Each door is supplied with a comprehensive high security ATK cylinder dedicated to help protect you from unauthorised entry. The cylinder is available in chrome or gold. Extra door furniture such as knockers, spyhole and the house no are available in white, black, gold and chrome.