Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors are an incredibly worthwhile upgrade to any home. They help open up your living areas to the outdoors creating space you never realise you had, welcoming in the outside world. Sliding patio doors have large panes of glass which allow for a great view of the outside and are fantastic at letting in a fresh breeze on a warm summer day. Equally, they are very energy efficient and keep the home warm in colder months. Sliding patio doors look great in any home and are an excellent way of easily transitioning from inside to outside; they are also low maintenance and easy to use.

Quickslide have created a range of space-saving sliding patio doors in high quality, high security and low maintenance materials to suit any application and budget. As opposed to bi-folding, our sliding patio doors slide within the main frame section and with both 2-track and 3-track configurations (aluminium doors only) you can open up your living space as required.

Aluminium Sliding Patio Door
Aluminium Sliding Patio Door

Aluminium Sliding Patio Doors

Aluminium sliding patio doors enjoy a supreme contemporary look and feel. As with any of our aluminium products you have the option to personalise your door in virtually any colour you can think of. The high strength yet slim profile provides a large glass area that will transition your living space by bringing in natural light and stunning external views.

PVCu Sliding Patio Doors in irish oak

PVCu Sliding Patio

PVCu sliding patio doors are the ideal way to open-up the back of your home and let the light flood in. You have the option to personalise your new sliding door with bespoke colours, woodgrain finishes and designs. The doors are manufactured from a heavy duty, low maintenance PVCu profile to help retain the comfort of your home.

Key Benefits for you to enjoy

Aluminium Sliding Patio Doors


With sliding patio doors, you get a range of choices to ensure that your patio doors are personal to you. Depending on the appearance of your home and your desired aesthetics you can choose a range of materials, colours and finishes to make your sliding patio doors custom to you.

Quickslide’s extensive range of patio doors means we’ve most definitely got a solution to suit both your budget and application. With our large range of colours and finishes, our patio doors can provide you with a seamless transition between inside and out.


We understand that security is of paramount importance to homeowners. Therefore, when purchasing new windows and doors we place security on a pedestal. With our range of secure sliding patio doors, you need not worry; we have the security covered.

You may want to let in light but nothing else, therefore our conscientious designers introduced high security multi-point shoot-bolt locking systems to be included in all our patio doors as standard and glass upgrades where required, to provide that extra piece of mind.


The beauty of our patio doors starts with their simple design. The door sashes simply slide within the tracks, no panels swing open and take up space on the patio or inside. Just unlock and slide the door open and create a transition from the inside to the outside. Our range of sliding patio doors allow you to easily bring the outside in and view the beauty of nature from the comfort of your home.

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