French Doors

As their name would suggest French doors originated in France and their existence dates back as far as the 17th century. French doors came about during the renaissance era in France and therefore take a lot of their style inspiration from this era as this is when the French began using glass in their door design. During the renaissance, there was a lot of focus on the arts and specifically architecture, so it is no surprise these beautiful doors originated in this period.

French doors are a timeless classic and popular for their attractive, symmetrical luxury. Unlike our sliding patio doors, French doors swing inward or outward and add timeless character to any home. Quickslide have brought them right up to date with modern materials of aluminium or PVCu in woodgrain and a huge array of colour options and traditional astragal bar designs.

PVCu French Doors in golden oak
Aluminium French Doors in white

Aluminium French Doors

Aluminium doors enjoy a supreme contemporary look and feel, and with a vast selection of standard colours to choose from. Their high strength yet slim profile provides a stunning kerbside appeal and will prove to be a wise investment that will last a lifetime.

PVCu French Doors in Rosewood

PVCu French Doors

PVCu French Doors best replicate the traditional period product of yesteryear. From a basic market entry product right through to bespoke colours, finishes and designs, the doors are manufactured from a heavy duty, low maintenance PVCu with high secure locking systems as standard.

PVCu Flush French Doors in grey

PVCu Flush French Doors

We’ve recently introduced a flush French door to match our range of flush casement windows. The flush design mimics the heritage style found on traditional windows and combined with the classic French door configuration, it’ll add elements of character and history to any home and matches perfectly with our PVCu flush casement window.

Key Benefits for you to enjoy

PVCu French Doors in rosewood


French doors have long been popular in British homes, whether they are contemporary or more traditional French doors still blend in seamlessly. With our range of flush French doors, you can add a striking addition to your home.

Quickslide’s hugely extensive range of French doors means we’ve most definitely got a solution to suit both your budget and application and in a variety of colours and finishes French doors will provide a wonderful investment for your home.

PVCu French Doors in living oak


You may want to let in light but nothing else, therefore our conscientious designers introduced high security multi-point shoot-bolt locking systems to be included in all our French doors as standard and glass upgrades where required, to provide that extra piece of mind. French doors offer maximum security due to their impeccable locking system, something which they may not have had in their early days.

PVCu Flush french Doors in grey


The beauty of our French doors starts with its simple design. You can simply open one leaf and use it as a pedestrian door or throw both doors leaves open and bring some fresh air into your home. While the robust low-maintenance sashes protect against frame distortion. Their glass panes also allow for maximum sunlight to enter your home; reduce energy bills and increasing daylight exposure.

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