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Are Sliding Sash Windows Sustainable?

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Many homeowners these days are interested in finding ways to help create a more sustainable environment for both themselves and those around them. One of the best and most efficient ways to reduce the impact that we have on the environment is to enhance the energy efficiency of our homes. By using less energy year after year, a homeowner’s carbon footprint can be substantially lowered.

So, are sliding sash windows sustainable? Are they a good choice for conscientious homeowners looking to help create a more sustainable and healthier environment? 

The answer can be yes by choosing Quickslide for your sliding sash windows. Get a price today or give us a call at 03332 412 240 and speak to an expert member of staff.

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Highly Energy Efficient

Our sliding sash windows all come with high quality double glazing for maximum energy efficiency. The glazed unit comprises of two panes of glass sat close together, which traps heat effectively, reducing the amount of heat that leaks out from a home. Throughout the years that we have been manufacturing the classic vertical sliding style, we have diligently improved the efficiency of our glazing and profiles to make our sliding sash windows sustainable. 

The sliding sash windows we manufacture have an excellent A-rating for thermal efficiency, and a U-value of 1.4 W/m²K. They can keep homeowners warm and comfortable all year round for decades to come while meeting all current regulations and standards. Homeowners can rely less on their central heating systems, consuming less energy in the long run. With our sash windows, it’s possible for homeowners to reduce energy bills and improve their carbon footprint.

Weather Resistant Design

Harsh weather conditions can cause both leaks and cold draughts to creep their way into a home, which could lead to a rise in energy usage as homeowners compensate for the cold chill. This is why at Quickslide, we have developed a series of features to our sliding sash windows that make them capable of standing up to cold draughts and leaks, keeping homes dry and warm no matter what the weather brings. Even in heavy storms, homeowners can have peace of mind knowing that their energy usage won’t need to spike, and their sustainable energy usage won’t be at risk.

Our sash window design includes woolpile and an optional weatherbar that is colour-matched to provide an uninterrupted colour or woodgrain design, so even with our robust weather defences, our sustainable sliding sash windows can look their best.

Sustainable & Stylish

Not only are Quickslide’s sliding sash windows sustainable, thanks to the bespoke double glazing, but they also don’t compromise on design. Any homeowner can enjoy gorgeous sustainable windows thanks to our ability to manufacture our sliding sash windows in virtually any size, any colours with multiple hardware options and double-glazing. 

Our colourways and woodgrain foils are designed to be exposed to external elements and are suitable for both modern and classic homes. We can offer a natural looking selection of woodgrains such as Irish oak, chartwell green, or rosewood which can grant a softer, more elegant look to a property. Or we can help you make a statement with darker tones, such as anthracite grey or black ash which can create a bold contrast, an excellent look for modern homes.

Find out more about the beautiful colourways that we have available for our sliding sash windows here on our website.

Long Lasting & Recyclable uPVC

Usually, people hear plastic and don’t think of sustainable practices. However, many windows these days that are made of different kinds of uPVC can have their material recycled at the end of their long lifespans. Unlike timber frames, our uPVC profiles can last for years without visible wear and tear, so customers may not have to worry about replacing or repairing them for a long time after the initial installation. After decades of use, homeowners can recycle their sliding sash windows to reuse the material in other products.

Homeowners can benefit from sturdy and weather resistant window profiles that can come in a wide variety of shapes, styles, and sizes for decades with only minimal upkeep. All it takes is a wet soapy sponge or cloth to keep our sliding sash windows profiles and glazing looking clean and fresh. The uPVC we use is multi-chambered creating a robust frame construction reducing the need for constant replacements or repairs, which can make them more sustainable than timber that would require more maintenance.

Sliding Sash Window Prices

Find a price for our sliding sash windows now on our website and help homeowners across the UK improve their property’s energy efficiency and carbon footprint. Use our online contact form or call us at 03332 412 240 for any questions or queries; an expert staff member will be happy to help. Join Quickslide as a trade partner today.

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