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Quickslide’s New Training Sessions Prove a Hit with Installers

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It was Benjamin Franklin who famously said: “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” And it’s a sentiment that’s very much behind Quickslide’s new training sessions for installers.

Run by engineers who deliver them on site, the training sessions are designed to enable installers to sell and fit Quickslide’s range of sash and casement windows and bi‐folding and sliding doors with confidence.

Receiving this hands‐on and detailed product knowledge directly from the people behind the products gives installers an enhanced product insight that can be passed on to their customers and improve the fitting process.

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A more thorough explanation of the range also means installers have a greater understanding of the various Quickslide solutions which might suit them best, so they can provide an all‐round more professional and informed service to their customers. Plus, it gives installers the chance to ask Quickslide all those questions they might have – and get the answer to others they hadn’t even thought of.

Quickslide's successful new training sessions for installers, particularly focusing on sliding sash windows. Explore how these sessions are benefiting installers in enhancing their skills and knowledge.

Senior Engineer Dave Laverick led a recent training session for West Yorkshire Windows, along with Quickslide’s Customer Care Manager Marie Bowman who said: “Everything we do at Quickslide is designed to provide value to our customers, to drive continuous improvement and organic growth. Our training sessions help with this by giving installers the know‐how and professionalism on‐site that will give homeowners a more positive experience and benefit their business as well as ours.

“Installers come away from our training sessions having a greater understanding of our products, including their various benefits and how they are installed. They can then pass this confidence on to their customers.

“Being better equipped for more efficient installation will also mean projects can be completed quicker and more effectively and talking through any dos and don’ts in turn reduces the need for return visits to a property.

“With more product knowledge comes more confidence, and we hope installers who make use of our training sessions will also be better placed to offer suitable upgrades and spot and take advantage of opportunities to upsell.”

Matt Grafton, Managing Director of West Yorkshire Windows said: “The training session recently provided for us by Dave Laverick was excellent. It is crucial that our personnel continue to improve their knowledge so that we can always offer the very best service to our customers. His professional insight and tuition of the system was invaluable for our team, giving them the knowledge to confidently address any issues. I would like to thank the Quickslide team for their time and this superb training session.”  

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If you’re an existing Trade Partner interested in taking part in one of our upcoming Training Sessions please get in touch with our Customer Care Team by using our online contact form or calling us on 03332 412 240. New trade customers can submit an application to become a Trade Partner online. 

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