Save on Winter Energy Bills: Find Cheapest Supplier & Upgrade Efficiently

Save On Your Energy Bills With The Cheapest Energy Supplier

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With the UK in the grips of a cost of living crisis, more and more households are searching for ways to save on their energy bills this winter. In this blog, we share our top 4 tips for reducing your energy bills, from investing in energy-efficient windows to finding the cheapest energy supplier for your home.

Households across the UK are finding themselves tightening their budgets this winter. With the cost of living crisis in full swing, many are looking for ways to save on their energy bills as the winter months draw in.

In this blog, we’ve put together our 4 top tips for saving on your energy bill, including how to find the best energy provider for your home.

Invest in energy-efficient windows & doors

Your windows and doors are the entry points to your house, meaning that this is where draughts can enter and heat can escape. Investing in energy-efficient windows and doors reduces heat loss, meaning that your home will warm up quicker and require the heating on for less time. Whilst upgrading your windows and doors may seem like a costly investment, you’ll soon earn back what you’ve spent in reduced energy bills.

Find the cheapest energy supplier for your home

Switching to a cheaper energy supplier can drastically reduce the amount your pay. Shop around to find the best deal for your home, and consider whether you want a fixed or variable contract. Using a price comparison website can help you to find the cheapest energy supplier for your needs.

Turn down your thermostat

Research shows that by turning down your thermostat by just 1°C you can save up to £145 per year on your energy bills. Making this small change to the way you heat your home can therefore make a huge difference to your savings.

Use your washing machine’s eco cycle

Changing your washing habits can lead to big savings on your energy bills. Opt for the eco cycle on your washing machine, and lower wash temperatures to 30°C wherever possible. Avoid using a tumble dryer and hang your washing up to dry using a line or clotheshorse instead. Making changes such as these can save up you to £28 per year on your energy bills.

Cut down your energy consumption this winter

From upgrading to energy-efficient windows and doors to using price comparison sites to find the best energy provider for your home, our top tips will help you to cut your energy consumption this winter.

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