2024 Home Improvements: Colors, Doors, Efficiency

Exploring the Top 3 Home Improvements for 2024 with Quickslide

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As the new year approaches, bringing with it a fresh wave of possibilities, we at Quickslide have created a comprehensive guide to the home improvement trends we think will be popular in 2024. In an ever-evolving landscape of aesthetics and functionality, from the subtleties of trending colours to the intricacies of door styles, our mission is to help you navigate these upcoming trends and elevate your living spaces.

A Palette of Possibilities: The 2024 Colour Trends

Colours have the power to shape and define our surroundings, and as we step into 2024, a captivating array of hues is set to captivate the world of windows and doors. The colour trends projected for 2024 capture a diverse palette that reflects both the dynamic spirit of the times and a yearning for connection with nature.

Blue Spectrum: A Symphony of Tranquillity and Expression

Experts have observed a remarkable surge in the popularity of various blue shades, a trend that continues to unfold across diverse platforms, including renowned companies’ Colour of the Year selections. From the serene tranquillity of Valspar’s “Renew Blue” to the bold vibrancy of Krylon’s “Bluebird,” the spectrum of blues brings versatility to any home.

For those seeking a unique touch, we recommend considering a bespoke blue finish for your sash windows. Drawing inspiration from our showcase at the Homebuilding & Renovating Show in Harrogate at the beginning of November, where a bespoke blue sliding sash window stole the spotlight, we encourage you to consider how this unique and personalised touch can redefine your living space. Alternatively, allow blue decor to pop against neutral sash windows, such as a sleek white sliding sash set against bold walls.

bespoke bright blue windows from Quickslide

Earthy Neutrals: Grounding Spaces with Warmth

2024 sees a resurgence of earthy neutrals for windows that evoke a sense of grounded warmth. Tones such as warm taupe, sandy beige, and muted terracotta are finding their way into homes, providing a timeless backdrop for various design styles. These neutrals serve as a versatile foundation, allowing for easy integration with other colours and materials. Quickslide, recognising the enduring appeal of earthy tones, offers a range of window finishes that complement these neutrals, creating harmonious spaces that feel both inviting and sophisticated.

neutral toned bespoke sliding sash windows

Greens Inspired by Nature: Bringing the Outdoors In

In a world increasingly disconnected from nature, the colour palette of 2024 seeks to remedy this by embracing lush green sash windows inspired by the great outdoors. From deep forest greens to vibrant botanical hues, these shades are an ode to nature’s rejuvenating power. Quickslide encourages homeowners to use these greens strategically, perhaps by incorporating them into window surroundings or accents, fostering a connection with the natural world within the confines of the home.

Your window colour possibilities are virtually limitless with Quickslide. We take pride in offering an extensive range of stock colours, ensuring that whether you prefer a smooth finish or a woodgrain effect. Our commitment to customisation knows no bounds, as we can produce almost any RAL colour you have in mind, providing you with the ultimate freedom to tailor your living spaces to your unique taste and style.

Aluminium Elegance: The Rise of Aluminium Doors

According to the Double Glazing Blogger’s 2024 predictions, aluminium doors are poised to dominate the home improvement scene in 2024. Known for their sleek aesthetics, durability, and versatility, aluminium doors have become the epitome of modern elegance. Quickslide, always at the forefront of innovation, introduced Aluminium Heritage Doors and AluSpace Interior Doors & Screens to our range earlier this year. The new Visofold 1000 Slim system, with its modern square sash and reduced sightlines, brings a touch of contemporary elegance to any home. Here’s a closer look at the trending features and styles that are set to make aluminium doors the focal point of contemporary homes in the upcoming year.

aluminium heritage doors from Quickslide

Slim Profiles and Reduced Sightlines: The Essence of Modernity

In 2024, the trend of slim profiles and reduced sightlines in aluminium doors is set to reach new heights. Homeowners are increasingly drawn to the clean and minimalist look achieved by slimmer frames, allowing for larger expanses of glass. This not only maximizes natural light but also seamlessly integrates indoor and outdoor spaces. Quickslide’s Visofold 1000 Slim system, introduced in September, exemplifies this trend. Featuring a modern square sash and reduced sightlines, it combines aesthetics with functionality, creating a door that is both visually stunning and highly efficient.

slim aluminium bifolding doors

Customisation and Personalisation: Tailoring Doors to Your Style

One of the key trends in 2024 is the emphasis on customisation and personalisation. Homeowners are increasingly seeking doors that not only complement the architectural style of their homes but also reflect their individual tastes. Aluminium doors, known for their adaptability, lend themselves well to customisation. Quickslide, in line with this trend, offers an extensive range of finishes and colours, allowing homeowners to choose a door that complements their unique aesthetic preferences. The ability to create bespoke doors ensures that each property becomes a true reflection of the homeowner’s style and personality.

Sustainable Living: The Continued Demand for Energy Efficient Windows

In an era where environmental consciousness and energy efficiency take centre stage, the role of windows in homes has evolved beyond mere aesthetics. Energy efficient windows are becoming integral to modern living, providing a seamless blend of comfort, style, and sustainability. It’s clear as we approach 2024 that they are not just a trend but a transformative element shaping the future of home design.

The Science Behind Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient windows are designed to minimize heat transfer between the interior and exterior of a home, effectively creating a thermal barrier. This is achieved through advanced glazing technologies, multiple layers of glass, low-emissivity coatings, and insulating gas fills between panes. The result is a window that not only keeps the cold out during winter but also prevents excessive heat from entering during summer, maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature year-round.

The Economic and Environmental Impact

As energy prices continue to rise, homeowners are increasingly aware of the economic benefits of energy-efficient windows. These windows contribute to lower utility bills by reducing the need for constant heating. Beyond the economic advantages, the environmental impact is substantial. By decreasing the reliance on artificial heating systems, energy-efficient windows play a role in reducing carbon emissions, contributing to a greener and more sustainable living environment.

U Values and A Ratings: Decoding Efficiency Metrics

Understanding the efficiency of energy-efficient windows involves familiarising oneself with measurements like U-values and A-ratings. U-value measures the rate of heat transfer through a window, with lower U-values indicating better insulation. Letter ratings, on the other hand, represent the overall energy efficiency of a window, with A-rated windows being the most energy-efficient.

Quickslide, as a forward-thinking provider of windows and doors, takes pride in offering a range of energy-efficient windows that excel in these metrics. For instance, our sash windows boast a U-value of 1.4W/m²K, proving their exceptional thermal performance. Plus, our sash windows are A energy rated as standard, reflecting our commitment to providing not just compliant but cutting-edge solutions.

energy efficient sliding sash windows

Future Proofing Homes: Adhering to Standards and Beyond

As regulations evolve, the demand for energy-efficient windows is expected to grow. Quickslide, aligning with these advancements, doesn’t just meet current standards but anticipates future initiatives such as the Future Homes Standards. At the time of writing this, the 2025 Future Homes Standards have not yet been released but our customers can rest assured that we will be ready with compliant solutions in time. This proactive approach ensures that our windows not only comply with existing regulations but also contribute to creating homes that will produce significantly fewer carbon emissions in the years to come.

By choosing Quickslide, you are not just investing in stylish and efficient windows and doors; you are contributing to a sustainable and eco-friendly future. As you get started on the exciting journey of home improvement in 2024, Quickslide is ready to be your partner in turning visions into reality. Step into 2024 with doors and windows that seamlessly blend sophistication with performance. Explore our extensive range of award-winning windows and doors and get a quote via our website today.

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Exploring the Top 3 Home Improvements for 2024 with Quickslide

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