Quickslide Become a Member of Glass & Glazing Foundation

Quickslide joins the GGF.

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Quickslide has become a full member of the Glass & Glazing Federation, the organisation that represents companies of all disciplines offering glass and glazing products to homeowners and commercial buyers and specifiers in the UK. The organisation includes a huge cross-section of companies including some household names and represents the collective interests of the industry whilst also ensuring that homeowners and commercial specifiers have an organisation to which they may turn when in need of advice and guidance about any aspect of glazing in buildings. When the government considers legislation relating the glass and glazing in buildings the GGF is the representative body that is always consulted.

Quickslide has joined to take advantage of the technical and regularity advice the organisation provides, but more significantly to indicate that Quickslide complies with and even exceeds the stringent industry standards and consumer protection schemes provided by the GGF. Adrian Barraclough, Quickslides chairman says the GGF logo is a mark of trust for business partners and homeowners.

The GGF is a trusted organisation and is responsible for the creation and maintenance of key standards within the industry.

As members we enjoy having early warning of key issues and legislatory changes that help us to stay ahead of any changes in regulations. We also subscribe to the standards laid down by the GGF and when our customers see the GGF logo displayed on our web site and literature they know what to expect from us as a minimum. The confidence it gives out customers is very important.

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