Iconic PVCu Sliding Sash Windows

Sliding sash windows are amongst the most desirable window styles, not only due to their aesthetics, but also due to their historical association with style and wealth.
Our Iconic PVCu sliding sash windows are elegant, traditional and the perfect solution to preserve the heritage characteristics of your home. Choose one of our many convincing woodgrain finishes to mimic the look and feel of traditional timber windows.


PVCu allows us to fabricate an eminently durable and efficient sash window that looks nearly identical to the timber version. The PVCu profile we use is multichambered making it both strong and durable. With a sash window this close to the original and with virtually no maintenance required, there’s no reason not to choose PVCu for replacing your sash windows.


After performance, design is paramount. Our PVCu sash windows feature an easy clean slide and tilt facility. Besides that, we offer several features designed to replicate traditional timber sash windows, such as, bespoke shapes including gothic- and true arches, two types of sash horns, a stunning heritage hardware range, butt jointed deep bottom rail and seamless corner welds.

  • Colours
  • Features
  • Hardware
  • Glass
  • Security
  • Shapes & Styles

Smooth White

white grain

White Grain

Cream Woodgrain

Cream Grain

Golden Oak S30.30.11.0031

Golden Oak

Irish Oak S30.30.11.0109

Irish Oak

Chartwell Green S30.30.10.0224


Anthracite Grey S30.30.10.0054

Grey Grain

Rosewood S30.30.11.0059


Black Ash S30.30.10.0078

Black Grain


Bespoke RAL

Bottom Sash Knob – Classic – White

Standard Sash Knob

Bottom Sash Knob – Heritage – Black

Heritage Sash Knob

Classic – Cam Lock – Hardex Chrome – Front

Standard Lock

Heritage – Cam Lock – Hardex Bronze – Front

Heritage Lock

Sash Pull – Hardex Satin – Side

Sash Pull

Ring Pull – Inline – Hardex Gold – Side

Pole Eye

Bow Handle – Front – Antique Black

D Handle



Our PVCu sliding sash windows help to ensure that your property retains its character and charm. You can choose from a wide range of hardware to complement your chosen windows design.

Our hardware is available in eight different finishes. Please note that our travel restrictors are only available in white, chrome, gold and satin chrome.

Bottom Sash Knob - Classic - White


Bottom Sash Knob - Classic - Black


Bottom Sash Knob - Classic - Hardex Satin

Satin Chrome

Bottom Sash Knob - Classic - Hardex Chrome


Bottom Sash Knob - Classic - Hardex Bronze


Bottom Sash Knob - Classic - Hardex Gold


Bottom Sash Knob - Classic - Hardex Graphite


Bottom Sash Knob - Classic - Antique Black

Antique Black

Glass Options

standard glass window

The standard glass unit used in our PVCu sliding sash window is 24mm in depth and is comprised of 4mm clear glass to the outside, a warm edge spacer bar and 4mm clear Low E glass on the inside. With this unit our sash windows achieve an energy rating of ‘B’.

The inclusion of argon gas in to the cavity of a double-glazed unit reduces the heat conductance between the panes. This happens because the gas is 6 times denser that air. With this glass unit, our sash windows achieve an energy rating of ‘A+’.

Pilkington Optiphon is an acoustic laminated glass that offers excellent noise reduction without compromising on light transmittance or impact performance. Two 3mm pieces of glass are put together with a noise reducing interlayer typically 0.8mm thick. This glass offers the dual benefit of noise reduction and security.

Warm edge spacer bars insulate the edges of a sealed glass unit and separate the panes of glass. Traditionally, spacer bars were made of aluminium, however the warm edge spacer bar used in our glass units is an extruded PVC material specifically designed to reduce transference of heat between the panes of glass keeping more heat inside the property. The spacer bar is available in 3 different colours; grey, black and white. 

Warm Edge Spacer Bars

Obscure Glass

Pilkington’s obscure glass range provides obscuration and decoration. All patterns are classified according to their level of obscurity in relation to each other, with 1 being least obscure and 5 being most obscure.

Level 5

Level 2

Charcoal Sticks
Level 4

Level 4

Level 3

Level 4

Level 3

Level 5

Level 4

Level 4

Level 4

Level 5

Level 1

Level 4

Satin Glass
Level 5

PAS 24 & Secured by Design Security Upgrade

Our PVCu sliding sash windows are available with a comprehensive  security upgrade. This enhancement includes reinforced tilt latches, upgraded locking keep, two upgraded locks, and top sash security blocks. PAS 24 is generally mandatory on new-build projects.

Reinforced Tilt Latches SBD

Reinforced Tilt Latch


Upgraded Locking Keep x2


Upgraded Lock x2


Top Sash Security Blocks


No Bars


Centre Bar


3 Light


Offset 3 Light






Half Georgian


Full Georgian


Georgian Variant


1/3 x 2/3


2/5 x 3/5


Swept Head


True Arch


Weather Performance

Our PVCu sliding sash window is made up of high-quality weather resisting PVCu. The PVCu profile is multi-chambered and reinforced to prevent deflection through differing climates.  Our PVC-u Sliding Sash windows are tested and compliant with British standards for weather performance.

Energy Rating

Our sash windows include brush seals around the openings for outstanding draught proofing and to assist the environment. ‘Low E’ glass together with a warm edge spacer bar provide exceptional heat retention, and a superior ‘A+’ energy rating where required.


With all Quickslide PVCu sliding sash windows, there is a 10-year manufacturing guarantee as standard. We strive to ensure that our quality is assured but having a 10-year guarantee offers peace of mind for years to come. Download our guarantee PDF or speak to one of our team to find out more.


Our PVCu sliding sash windows have been security tested to PAS 24:2016 enabling you to upgrade your window specification to meet the regulations generally found on new-build projects. Take the security of your window a step further by upgrading to Secured by Design for true peace of mind.

Technical Information

Key Measurements

Outer Frame Depth: 135mm
Standard sill height: 40mm
Upstand sill height: 60mm
Mid-rail height internal: 60mm
Mid-rail height external: 48mm


Minimum width: 360mm (475mm for seamless welds)
Maximum width: 1500mm
Minimum height: 750mm
Maximum height: 2350mm


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