FAQ Category: Installation

Can I install Quickslide products in a listed building?

To date the best result, we have had is having permission to install our sash windows with all the heritage features to the sides and rear of a listed property. Generally, the consensus when asking about PVC windows is ‘no’, however, it is always worth a try. If you find that you may require some […]

How long does the installation take?

The length of the installation will vary by property type and product type. Some examples to give you an idea, if removing and re fitting a sash window, we’d expect to complete 3-4 windows per day. We’ll always confirm the estimated length of the installation at the point of survey.

Can I install Quickslide products in a conservation area?

Yes. Conservation areas are sometimes a bit of a sticking point, but overall, we have had great success. I am sure you will appreciate that each area is different and most of the time you are reliant on one specific individual to give you green light but in our experience, we do seem to be […]

Who can install the windows and doors?

We have a team of professional installers in place here at Quickslide and if you’re based within an approximate 50-mile radius of our production facility in Brighouse we can offer you a complete service from survey, manufacture to installation. You also have the option to buy our products via one of our many stockists based […]