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How Much Do Sash Windows Cost?

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When it comes to calculating the cost of sliding sash windows, many things change the final cost, such as project size and installation fee.

What Affects Cost?

Answering this question can be difficult as there are many factors at play, first depending on the company you select to buy your windows from as well as any extra costs that could accumulate from customisation or increased size.

Normally, the cost of installing sash windows can be higher than having standard white casement windows installed. However, we’re convinced that most customers would agree that the added expenses are worth it for the ability to add character or the chance to recreate what was originally there realistically.

The easiest way to determine our sash windows costs can be ascertained by using our sash windows cost calculator. It’s a simple, free-to-use tool that can guide you through all the customisations we offer. Additionally, it can also help you determine an accurate price thanks to the specifications of the service you need. Once you have submitted your requirements a representative will be in touch to provide you with a sash window cost.

Why Do Wooden, Aluminium, and uPVC All Have Different Costs?

Most varieties of sash windows these days are created with double glazing using uPVC, wood, or aluminium.

Every type of building material has its own unique list of advantages and disadvantages, but overall, homeowners usually choose uPVC thanks to its low maintenance, practical, and long-lasting properties. Especially because it does not need to be repainted, and its parts are easy to replace and recycle. Additionally, uPVC sliding sash windows provide homeowners with a cost-effective window solution that looks like traditional windows.

What Else Changes The Cost of Sliding Sash Windows?

Besides the material, there are many other factors that can change the cost of sash windows.

Evidently, the sliding sash window costs will increase alongside the required width and height of the windows. Weight can also be a heavily deciding factor. If you use a professional installer (which we greatly recommend), they may charge more for heavier projects, further increasing the sliding sash window installation cost.

Another factor to consider is the increase in raw materials following the supply challenges caused by COVID and Brexit. Silica (sand) which is used in the manufacture of glass has increased in price by up to 300% in 2022. Naturally, the greater the window the more glass is required to fill the sashes. In short, the bigger the window, the more material is required and, therefore, a bigger increase to the sash window cost.

Your sash window costs could also increase if you choose any alternative glass styles. An excellent example of this will be if you opt for obscuring glass, which can significantly increase the cost of your windows overall. This glass obscures things to keep privacy while letting light through to illuminate an area. However, it is also more expensive to produce, so that cost gets reflected back to the customer who wants it installed.

Of course, the final thing that can also significantly affect the cost of sliding sash windows is the colour. As you can probably imagine, some colours and foiled colourways can be much more expensive than other typical colour schemes.

A standard uPVC window is usually some shade of off-white and can be purchased for far less money. Less when compared to the cost of more extravagant colours, but if you wish to create truly personal windows then bespoke colour-bonding would be our recommendation.

If you’d like to learn more about the manufacturing process and cost of sliding sash windows, get in touch with Quickslide today! We’d be happy to help answer any questions you may have.

Why Choose Quickslide for Sash Windows?

You can expect all of our sash windows to include energy efficient double glazing. We also offer a vast range of customisation options to ensure that you can create the perfect sliding sash window at a cost that meets your budget. To get started, give us a call at 03332 412 240, and we will be pleased to answer any questions you may have. Or, if you’d prefer, fill in our contact form on our website or find a local installer now by using our handy “find an installer” tool. It’s free and can work on any device.

Sliding Sash Windows Costs

All of Quickslide’s products are competitively priced. We provide a cost-effective service with a team of experienced professionals who have been manufacturing windows and doors for almost 20 years in the UK from our state-of-the-art factory in Brighouse, West Yorkshire. To find out how much your sash windows will cost, use our free price tool by clicking here!

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