Please check the following;

  1. Does your frame measure the same between the head and the sill all the way across? If it’s smaller in the middle, it is likely that your sill is bowed up or your heard bowed down, this makes it very hard for the doors to slide. If it’s bigger in the middle you will have gaps, which cause draughts.
  2. Do you have a gap on the rubber seal at the top on the door stiles that have a wheel at the bottom, and seal overhangs outer frame at bottom, your door needs lifting on wheels.
  3. If panel number two is set right and you have a gap on top, and overhand at bottom on the stiles that go away from the frame when opened, it is likely that your door hasn’t been toe and heeled right when glazing.
  4. Have you put in the final fixing screws in all hinges after fitting? There should be a screw in the centre hole of all hinges. These would have been supplied loose in a box with the glazing packers.
  5. If your lock is catching down the sides, you might have bowed your leg of the outer frame inwards. If your door pushes out top or bottom down lock stile when locked, you might have bowed the leg of the outer frame outwards.