Start by unlocking the window. Use the lift hooks (also known as sash pulls) to lift up the bottom sash slightly. Do not attempt to tilt the sash if it’s been lifted all the way to the top. You should now be able to tilt sash towards you by pushing both the sash buttons inwards and carefully pulling it towards you. Now slide down the top sash slightly, push both the tilt buttons inwards and pull it towards you. Both sashes will stay in a secure position when tilted and you do not need to support them. To close the sashes you must start by pushing the top sash into its upright position and slide it upwards. You are now able to push the bottom sash into its upright position and slide it to the bottom. You will hear a clicking sound when each sash has been pushed into its upright and secure position. Lastly, remember to lock the window.


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