On open inwards doors, as standard we prep and supply our slimline adjustable flag hinges. In some cases, the door slab may need to be slightly adjusted to equal out any gaps. Both top and bottom; lock side and hinge side. The following steps need to be followed to allow work to be carried out:

1. Remove the clip-on cover plate which will be located on the inside face of the door slab by sliding it out to expose the adjustment screws.

2. Remove the two screws in the lateral position and undo the screws on the height position by two turns.

3. Repeat this on the other two hinges.

4. Lift the door to the correct position and use packers to help keep the door in the required position with the equal gap all the way around the door.

5. Tighten the screws in the height position and insert screws in the lateral position (new holes might have to be drilled). If new holes are required then timber dowels will need to be inserted into the existing holes to prevent the screws readjusting itself back in the existing holes.

6. Slide the cover plate back on and clip securely in.

7. If lateral movement is required, repeat the above in reverse order.

Adjustment tolerances: Lateral Adjustment (mm) +/- 4mm | Height Adjustment (mm) +/- 4mm.

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