Oak PVCu Sash Windows & Composite Door In Yorkshire

Mr. Millward lives in a Victorian end terrace in Wakefield which is local to Quickslide. The house used to be two separate houses, however in 1950 the two were combined into one. Mr Millward, having lived in the house for three years felt that it was time to give his home some WOW factor. As his house is on the corner it’s one of the first houses people see when driving by, and he wanted something that really stood out to give the street the first impression it deserves. Mr. Millward decided to go for a peacock blue composite door (Edinburgh style) and our PVCu Sliding Sash Windows in Irish Oak with our popular run-through sash horns which really adds character to Victorian properties like this one.

We’ve heard from Mr Millward that never before have they had so many compliments on their home and also people that drive by sometimes slow down just to have an extra look.